Re: Using Chat Windows with JAWS 18

Randy Barnett <randy@...>

This sounds like an issue for the IT department.There are so many variables with a system like that.

What phone system is it? Is it proprietary?
Does it speak or does Jaws?
If Jaws is reading the chat window then speech history will have the message. insert + spacebar then h.
Generally you dont want two screen readers running at the same time.

On 7/19/2017 9:59 AM, Nancy B. Gibson wrote:
Hi List,

We're starting to use a phone system at work that includes chat capability. I'm new to Windows 10 and to JAWS so struggling a little to keep up.

Since apparently I'm supposed to be able to listen to JAWS and the TTS at the same time, if I'm focusing on JAWS when a chat message comes in and is spoken by the TTS, is there a way to have the message reread so I can hear what I missed the first time?

Are there any command conflicts between JAWS and Narrator if they have to both run at the same time?

Hope that makes sense.


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