problem with Mail message rules in Outlook 2010


Hello all.
I have several message rules set up in Outlook 2010. I went to use them to clean up my inbox this morning.

Using what I believe (but am not positive is a clean install of JAWS 18) I am unable to choose which rule to run.
When I go into Manage rules and alerts, and then Choose Run Now, I am taken to a page that has a list of all the rules I have created but JAWS will not read this list. I can choose to select all or deselect all with the buttons but I can't choose any particular rule. The jaws Key will read out a few but there are more that are not inside the box until you arrow down through the list. The Jaws key doesn’t report whether the items are checked or not.
What is wrong? Why can't I arrow down through this list and press space bar to check or uncheck the items I want?
How do I do this?

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