Re: My problem with latest update

Don Moore <donmoore@...>

Hi Jason,


                I have tried doing a JAWS repair on earlier builds, so I will give it a try on this latest update.






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Subject: Re: My problem with latest update


Did you try running a JAWS repair (on version 18)? This procedure fixed JAWS crashes I was encountering earlier this year. I’m still experiencing crashes, but they seem to be related to very specific situations.


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Subject: My problem with latest update


Hi List,


                Actually, I have been having this same problem with the last 4 updates. When I am using JAWS 18 on my Windows 10 machine, it will work fine for a while; however, JAWS suddenly crashes without notice. It always happens when I am using Microsoft software, including Outlook 2013, Word 2013 and Internet Explorer 11.


                The problem first occurred in the early versions of JAWS 18, then it was fixed in a few builds, then it started occurring again around January or February. The latest update worked fine for about 2 hours, so I thought they had it fixed again, but then it crashed.


                When JAWS 18 crashes, I cannot seem to generate an error report and other screen readers won’t work properly either, so I have to turn off my PC and turn it on again with the on/off button.


                JAWS 17 works fine all the time, so I am unloading JAWS 18 and launching JAWS 17 until I can get this fix.


                Any help will be appreciated.


                Thanks in advance,



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