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Adrian Spratt

Whoa. So it is--called Quick Settings in JAWS 13, that is. However, for the
record, I haven't received that error message. In case I do, I've saved your
solution. Thanks.

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Ted, I just sent a message about this problem. The download to fix it is

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Here's a strange one. Since upgrading my home machine to the last
build, Quick Settings no longer works. It works fine at the office.
The former was upgraded first from the DVD, and then the Internet
download. The latter went straight from 10 to the latest build of 13.
When I try to access Quick settings, I get a quirky error message about
the inability to access Ms XML 6.0. I tried repairing the installation
to no avail. Now that I remember, I installed from the thumb drive,
which had always worked before. Anyone ever seen this kind of thing?

Wish I could easily replicate the message, but it's difficult to copy
and paste. It's just an overlay, which disappears when you press okay,
and Virtual Viewer (or results viewer, as they call it now) doesn't
capture it. Performance seems otherwise unimpaired.


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