Re: Old JAWS Demos


I don't know where you can get the disks from for these older JAWS
versions, but Freedomscientific does make previous versions of JAWS
available on their website under the downloads submenu previous
versions. The last version of JAWS that they make available under
this category is 10 which you had asked about. Although someone may
chime in with another option and may know where you can get a disk, I
think that your best solution would be to download it from there.

On 7/15/17, Howard Traxler <> wrote:
Anyone know where I get get older versions of the JAWS 40-minute demo disk?
Versions like 7, 8, 9, and 10? I have found that the combination of JAWS 8
with windows xp is the only way I can access firefox with jaws.

Thanks, anybody.


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