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This occurs when the cell is formatted as "date". Go to the cell you want to change the format of, press CTRL 1 (Cell Format) and choose "standard" or "numbers".
The programming behind this behavior is that Excel transforms date entries into integer numbers in order to be able to calculate with them. The first date Excel can work with is the 1st of January 1900.
So, if you enter today's date and change the format to "numbers" afterwards, you will see which day since 01/01/1900 it is today.

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Am 15.07.2017 um 22:01 schrieb brian albriton <cocanut50@...>:

Feell free to write me off list since this is not strictly a jaws question.

I have a column of figures in excel and one cell after writing the number 6 shows:


The cells above and below show simple numbers when I type them in.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. All the best and have a stellar weekend, Brian


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