Re: seeking JAWS friendly project management and collaboration programs

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This is also an area of interest for me. I emailed VFO tech support not too long ago and asked them if they are aware of a PM software that works well with Jaws. Their response is that the last version they supported with Jaws was Project 2003. I believe Microsoft is putting a lot of resources in making their Office 365 accessible. I am assuming this also applies to their Office 365 Sharepoint component.

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Subject: Re: seeking JAWS friendly project management and collaboration programs

I am a project manager at my company. I rely on Excel for project management. It's still clunky, but at least accessible. I've not heard good things about Project.

As for collaboration, we use a few things in our company. Internally we use network drives, SharePoint, and another project tracking tool called EPPIC. WE also used to use a wiki media platform. I don't use EPPIC much and my colleagues aren't thrilled with it. I don't think it's that accessible, but I'd have to go test it more to be sure.

SharePoint is not bad if you are just adding documents and maintaining document items. Designing pages does not work well with speech at all as it's often reading lines well above where the cursor is actually. There is an accessibility link on the page which essentially makes drop down menus appear on a new page. I do rely on some of my remaining vision, but I can test things more if you need help.

Everything we do in our company is behind a firewall. If you are sharing documents with outside people, you might see if Google docs would work for you.

Happy to talk more if you'd like. I'm sure we can learn from each other.

Robin Van Lant

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Subject: seeking JAWS friendly project management and collaboration programs

Hi everyone,
I took over a project management role in my organization. Being new to the position, I have not worked with different PM software before. Can anyone recommend a program that is fairly JAWS compatible? And similarly, I am collaborating on a project with a team at different locations and from different organizations. Is anyone aware of a collaboration platform that is JAWS friendly? I have heard the MS SharePoint is somewhat accessible, but that you must purchase outside tools to help improve its usability. If anyone is aware of a good platform for project/document sharing, I would appreciate any tips.

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