Re: How to download youtube using jaws.


if you want a program on your computer, check out:

"With Pontes Media Downloader you can download and convert media from
popular media websites such as Youtube, DailyMotion, etc. The program is
a gui interface that puts together two command line tools: Youtube-dl
for downloading media and FFmpeg for converting media.
The simple intuitive interface enables the user to easily download and
convert media from the Internet. You simply copy the URL of the page
containing the video and press the Download button from Pontes Media
Downloader. Also, this program is virus free and does not install any
kind of toolbars or addons in your computer.
Pontes Media Downloader was programmed in C# by Nelu Cîmpean (Campus)."

I don't know what sites work, but I think if the video has a number
assigned to it, there's a good chance PMD will work.
you don't even have to paste the address into the edit; just copying the
URL to the Windows clipboard, alt+tab to the Pontes Media Downloader
window, and PMD will retrieve the URL.
listen for one or more pops (or not), press tab and choose the format to
convert the video to, press tab and start the download. the conversion
will start after the download is finished.
I think PMD will even handle playlists if they have been created
correctly. when starting the download, you'll hear an ascending sound,
and if you hear a descending sound a few seconds after, PMD was not able
to complete the process.
there's no need to fiddle with any options, except if you want the
downloads/converted files to be saved in a different folder other than
the default location.
the entire process executes as quickly as it can depending on your
computer's capabilities.

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Subject: How to download youtube using jaws.

Hi Tech enthusiast,
I have previously download videos from youtube by deleting the
http://www. and replace it with ss in the address bar whenever i go to
youtube. but today, this is not working for me.
I use jaws 18 and window 8. any alternative?
sighted person could see the option to click to download on theat page
but no way for my mouse to click it.

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