Re: Installing JAWS 13


I downloaded from the FS site. Download is fast, but update is more than
two hours.
Shall I stop and restart?

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Cindy, someone also posted that they had a similar problem downloading JAWS
13. They were doing so via the update feature found in JAWS help. So many
users have experienced difficulties with that download method that many of
us go straight to the FS website and download from there. I did so on
Sunday, and the installation went quite fast.

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I downloaded JAWS 13 on my Toshiba Net Book, today. The download was very
fast, but the setup is extremely slow. I'm still in the stage where I hear
the clicks and it says "downloading FS Omni Page". It's been doing the
click thing for an hour and a half, at least. Is this normal, or is there
something wrong? I don't ever remember installation taking this long on my
Net Book.


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