Re: problem after update

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

Not necessarily; I tried running mine there, and didn’t like it.

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JAWS should be running from the Systems Tray. If there is a way to get it on:

1. Press Insert+J.
2. Right Arrow on Options.
3. Enter on Basics.
4. Tab to JAWS on Systems Tray.
5. Spacebar to check it.
6. Tab to OK.
7. Press Escape.

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Subject: problem after update

Hello. I am running a Windows 7 desktop PC with Microsoft Home edition. I did the update a little while ago. All seemed to go smoothly. I restarted my computer and absolutely no speech happened. I used Narrator to find out that Jaws was listed in the task manager. I cleared it out and then tried starting Jaws manually. Again, nothing happened, not even showing up in Task Manager.

OK, I just restarted the computer again and again, there is no speech with Jaws. The two items are once again in the Task Manager. One is JFW.exe. The other is jhookldr.exe.

The last thing I tried was going to the Jaws 18 folder and the final thing I did was to send a new shortcut for the JFW.exe file in the Jaws
18 folder to my desktop. Yes, this also fails. Now, what should I do?
Thank you for any assistance.



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