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Steve Griffiths

Hi Carina,


I have Word 2016, and in that I can convert footnotes to endnotes and vice versa. Endnotes are grouped at the end of the document, so you could make your edits there, and then convert them back to footnotes.


If you think it's worth a try, the way to convert is to open the document, go to the References tab of the ribbon and open the footnote and endnote dialogue. The keytips are Alt, S, Q.


Focus is on a Footnotes radio button. DownArrow to Endnotes, then Tab to and press the Convert button. OK that, then Tab to and press Close.


Now you should find all your footnotes at the bottom of the document; Ctrl + End and then DownArrow to them. The numbering may have changed to Roman numerals; you can use the Number format control in the same dialogue mentioned above to change them to numbers if you prefer. If so, note that when you change the number format you then need to Tab to and choose the Apply button - there is no OK button.


When you've finished your editing, move the focus out of the endnote area, then return to the footnote and endnote dialogue and do the reverse of before; UpArrow to Footnote, Tab to and press Convert, OK that and Tab to and press Close.


Hope that helps,




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Hi all,

I'm writing to ask advice about editing footnotes in a large document (about 400 pages, containing around 550 footnotes). Is there a way to display all the footnotes simultaneously in an **editable viewer so that, instead of using the virtual viewer and following links to individual footnotes prior to making adjustments, , direct editing is possible? Jaws becomes frustratingly unresponsive whenever footnotes are involved; hence my question. I appreciate this is a global (and largely unresolved?) issue. Nonetheless, any assistance would be hugely appreciated.


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