Re: Change key combo for Say Window Title?


Mike thank you ever so much.

I find the turning on and off of the number pad  a pain when I need to use them but also have to know what window I am in.

That is why I want to switch it to something else that is not being used.

Your help is wonderful!


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Subject: Re: Change key combo for Say Window Title?


Hi Shannon,


Warning:  It is strongly suggested that you make a copy of your Default JKM file in your ENU folder before going forward.  This is a copy of the default Jaws Keyboard Manager.
Without any programs running try the following:


1. Press, Jaws key + F2, to open the Jaws Manager, press the letter, K, & press enter on, Keyboard Manager.
2. You should be on the Default JKM Manager, if not press the letter, D, until you have Default highlighted.
3. Tab 1 time into the list of keystrokes, & press, Control + F, to open Find keystroke dialogue.  In this window type the keystroke you want to change, & press enter.  In this case you would type, Jaws key + t, into the dialogue box, press enter, & you should land on, SayWindowTitle                 JAWSKey+T                       default                 Common.
4. Press, Alt + A, to open the Action menu, arrow down to, Change keystroke..., press enter, & you'll hear, Assign to keystroke.  Type in the keystroke you want to use in this edit field, Press enter, answer the, Are you sure question, & press, Alt + F4, to close.
5. Now try out your new keystroke.

Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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Subject: Change key combo for Say Window Title?


Good morning all,

I need a refresher.

I want to change the key combination that is “Say Window Title”.

I don’t like the default.

I don’t remember how to do it.

I looked in the Settings center and in the Keyboard manager.

I found it in the keyboard manager Default but I can’t figure out how to change it from insert T. I want to use Ctrl, Shift, T.


Thanks for the help


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