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Alyssa <lyssassong@...>

The table problem in Word is not fixed. I was the one who reported it. I updated, did repairs, did a reinstall, and it still does not work. With that said, FS has been contacted about it again.


Just FYI if any of you guys use tables a lot like I do. Stick with an older version for the time being.





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Subject: Jaws Latest Update Download Links J18.0.4104 + What's New


Hi All,


Below are the direct download links for this latest update, & what's new in this release.


32 Bit:



64 Bit:



What's new in this release:


Enhancements in JAWS 18.0.4104 (July 2017)


The following is a list of improvements made between the JAWS 18 May 2017 release and the July 2017 update.


To download the latest release, visit the
links I've provided in this email!  LOL 


list of 10 items
• When moving by line on a web page with JAWS visual tracking enabled, addressed an issue where only the first word of the line was being highlighted.
• If a timed license is in use, the expiration date for the license is now displayed in the JAWS main window and the About dialog box instead of the number
of days remaining.
• Resolved a customer reported issue where the Wictionary Research It lookup source was not displaying any deffinitions.
• Resolved a customer reported issue with the Bookshare Book Search Research It lookup source where pressing ENTER on a link in the results was not displaying
the page for the selected book as expected.
• In Excel 2016, JAWS no longer speaks and brailles the contents of header cells multiple times.
• Resolved an issue where the JAWS table navigation commands (ALT+CTRL+ARROW keys) were not working as expected if a mouse click was used to move focus
into a table in Word.
• Resolved an issue with JAWS not working as expected in the French version of Word when using the Search feature of the Navigation pane.
• JAWS now automatically reads column and row headers when navigating tables in PowerPoint 2016.
• Resolved issues with JAWS not reading as expected in a Command Prompt window using both speech and braille.
• Addressed issues with the Windows 7 and 8 Calculator where results were not being announced in some situations and operators such as "multiply" were
not always being announced as expected when typed.
list end

Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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