Re: OK so what's the deal with the captcha on Craig's List?

Mike Ulrich <mulrich@...>

I tried to do that in the past. But I can't seem to find any kind of contact Link, on the craigslist website. Would anyone here happen to know of a way I can get in touch with craigslist, and note this non-excess ability issue to them? Thanks!

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On Jul 9, 2017, at 2:11 PM, Randy Barnett <randy@...> wrote:

Just another case of unaccessible use of technology. Only thing to do is complain to Craigs list.
On 7/9/2017 3:12 AM, Mike Ulrich wrote:

I once put this out there on the fcb-l list serve:

When replying to a post on our local Craig’s list, you can reply a time or two. But then a very rude and completely non accessible captcha pops up and I can no longer reply to any posts.


Does anyone on this list have any experiences with this, and is there a work around?



Thanks much!......Mike


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