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I found a couple good articles that confirmed to me what the head of our Tech Training Center said.
The Inspiron is designed for the general consumer market, so is not designed for really heavy use and not expected to stand up with a lot of travel.
The Inspiron also likely has a plastic chassis and only has the intel integrated graphics, and generally more basic parts.
The latitude has a metal chassis, the option to upgrade the graphics, and targeted at business users.
If you Google compare the Del Latitude with the Del Inspiron you may find more information. Or go to the Office Depot web site and compare the specs.
I do know, at least right now, Office Depot has much better prices than Del's web site.

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I'm in the market for a computer for a new college student who may be majoring in math or computer science, but, then, maybe not.

What does the Lattitude get you that the Inspiron doesn't that may inform this purchasing decision?

Also considering MacBook options, if anyone has a view on that as an alternative.

Thanks, Keith

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My wife just bought a Del Inspiron 15.6 inch laptop with the i5 7th generation processor with 8 GB Ram, 1 TB hard drive for $479 from Office Depot.
I couldn't convince her to get the one with the i7 processor and 12 GB of RAM for $600.
She doesn't use any accessibility software.
I have to say, her computer is quite fast. If I have to replace my laptop I'd go for the i7.
At work, we use the Del Latitude series which cost a bit more than double but are built for business use.
She mostly does word processing and Quicken and internet.



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Hi Les,

I find the price tag of most of the Microsoft Surface products (tablets or laptops) quite steep.
Is this Surface Pro you refer to a tablet or laptop? If it's a laptop you really might want to consider higher-end offerings from Asus or other manufacturers, not sure if you really gain anything by going with Microsoft other than spending more money.
My thought is that you probably want 16 Gb of RAM, 8 is not enough and 32 Gb for most people is more than you need.
As for SSD space, 1 Tb is of course better than 512 Gb, but unless you are saving massive amounts of music or photos and especially videos, 512 Gb is most likely going to do you. I bought an Asus Zenbook with a 512 Gb SSD and find it is plenty big enough for my approx. 26 or 28 Gb iTunes music library, most of the several thousand photos I have collected over the years and in my case I even have OneDrive set up to also sync to my Office 365 Business account and keep all my business documents on the laptop.
There are so many options now with online storage or external drives either USB or network attached that if you need several Tb of storage that would be the way to go.


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What's the link for the new surface pro that you are talking about so we can check out the specs?

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That sounds like a big difference. In August of 2015, I bought a Lenovo Windows 8 with a 1 TB, and the computer was $500. Of course, it took a whole lot of updating, but it's been a good one. So $500 for 500 gb, a dollar a gb, huh?
That sounds high to me. I got mine from Office Max if you want to check them out.

Best from,


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I am planning to purchase the new surface pro that was recently announced. My main concerns are to get enough RAM followed by the processor speed. As for the SSD Drive, I'm looking at a 512 GB unit or the 1 TB unit. I'm leaning away from the larger hard drive due to the $500 difference in price. It seems rather high to gain an additional 500 GB.
Am I missing something here which should be considered in my decision? Thanks.


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