question on jaws finder

john clayton

Hello all,

 I am new to this list but not really new to using jaws. However recently I find myself using the jaws finder a lot of times,and had  a question so figured what place better than here to ask about it?

My question is,is there a way jaws can find multiple words or look for not just 1 string but more than 1?
I.E currently,if I do ctrl f when browsing a page,and type john for instance jaws will look for the occurrence of the word john on the page. now is there a way I could make it look for not only john but also  jane on the page at once?
So that when I press f3,it gets to me either of the words it finds first,press f3 again and it does the same?
If this can only be done through scripts and the like,could someone help me out as I am not at all good with jaws scripting and bairly know a thing about it.

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