JAWS Not Reading Outlook Messages

Nancy B. Gibson

Hi List,

I'm relatively new to JAWS after using Window-Eyes for years. I'm using the latest Jaws 18 on a Windows 7 system running Outlook 2007.

When I press enter on the email message, JAWS automatically reads the sender, subject etc. but then stops and never reads the message. The "automatically read message" box is checked in settings.

The thing is that it won't read even with the arrow keys. It stays silent. The "read line" command just says "blank" and the dedicated arrow keys and the numpad arrow keys do/say nothing.

If I switch to the JAWS cursor, I first hear the subject then what must be a menu because it says outlook adins, find etc. and if I keep going I hear all the message headers and finally the message. But as soon as I switch back to the PC cursor, I get nothing.

BTW - it still works correctly with Window-Eyes. I didn't try NVDA.

Any help would be appreciated.


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