Re: Important note for virtualization fans: Never, ever use JFW under a hypervisor such as Hyper-V, VMWare and so forth due to authorization and tandem issues

Randy Barnett <randy@...>

OK thanks. That makes sense.

On 7/7/2017 7:40 AM, Soronel Haetir wrote:
With a bare jaws license there is still an issue, even a dongle won't
help that much because it can only connect to one computer at a time
(if you connect it to a guest it will then be virtually disconnected
from the host).

I went with the jaws' remote access option and there is no problem
because the guest simply doesn't need an authorization of its own that
way. Rather than use the virtualization software window I use RDC.

On 7/6/17, Randy Barnett <> wrote:
Hi, is this issue resolved? I do have a dongle since I experiment so much I
was running out of keys all the time. :)

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