Re: Strange problem with JAWS in windows 10 sign-up screen #cal-notice


I can easily reinstall the computer but I want to avoid it cause it's
time consuming. If I can't fix the problem I might do it anyway.


2017-07-07 1:39 GMT+02:00, Randy Barnett <>:

You should submit feedback for this. Then call the disability hotline.
As it is going to be very hard to diagnose and probably is going to
require a reinstall witch may or may not fix the problem...

On 7/5/2017 11:00 PM, wrote:

Hi all,
I'm facing a very strange problem with JAWS 18.0.2945 and Windows 10
(Creators update).

When I start my laptop the Windows sign-up screen appears and JAWS
gets started. The first problem is that I can't navigate through the
elements on the screen by pressing the Tab key. JAWS just says "Tab"
with a huge delay and nothing more. Using the touch screen I can go
through the things on the screen but JAWS is very slow. When I press
another key on the keyboard the focus jumps into the password field
which is good. I can even navigate with Tab now but every announcement
from JAWS comes with a huge delay. It takes a second or two after
pressing a key. So I sign up and the desktop appears. Usually JAWS
works fine now but sometimes the extreme slugishness follows JAWS
through all things I do.

With NVDA or Narrator these problems do not exist and it works well.
So there isn't a process that slows down the whole system. The delay
after pressing a key is also very static so its not a performance issue.

Even more strange: At the sign-up screen where JAWS reacts so slowly I
can start Narrator. As soon as Narrator is running JAWS works well
without any issue. But of course NARRATOR and JAWS are speaking
simultaneously and so that isn't a solution. ;) When I turn Narrator
off JAWS again acts badly like I described above.

I ran the JAWS setup again "/type repair" but it didn't help.
Do you have any idea? Is there something I could try? I want to avoid
reinstalling Windows.
Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards

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