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Gene Stevens

I've been using this method for years. I reassign Print Screen to List task tray icons and Pause/Break to Say system time/date.
It just makes life a bit easier and is much quicker and easier than changing scripts.

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Subject: Saying System Time & Date With JAWS 1 Handed

Hi All,
I received the following set of steps off list from Joseph Free Tech for using 1 key to tell time & date.  This looks like a very good approach for the 1 handed typists.
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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Subject: Saying system time with JAWS

Hi Mike,

Regarding your JAWS SayTime and date question...

I'll provide the following solution with the condition that you convey to
others that it was Joseph Freetech who provided the solution. :)

I have been suggesting this solution to others for a few years now, and I've
never heard any complaints, in fact, I've heard amazement after the person
presses the hotkey. In the instructions below you will be configuring the
PauseBreak key to act as the Insert+F12 key. There is absolutely no need for
modifying scripts--you're simply adding an additional keyboard assignment,
which should not get in your way whatsoever--unless the person is using the
PauseBreak key for something else.

You will be modifying the JAWS keyboard manager.
1. Press JawsKey+8 (on the numrow) to open the JAWS Keyboard Manager.
2. Press ControlShift+D to open the default keyboard manager.
3. Tab to show the list of all keyboard assignments.
4. quickly type the following letters until you find the following script:
5. Press Control+A to activate the following item: add keystroke.
6. Press the PauseBreak key then tab to Ok and press enter.
Note: on a normal 104 key external keyboard, the PauseBreak key is the third
key on the 3-pack of keys to the top right of most standard keyboards.  If
you can't find it, turn on the JAWS help to locate this key. 
Note: use the JAWS cursor and read the entire screen to insure you have
assigned the PauseBreak key and no other key.
7. After pressing on Ok, you will be asked by JAWS if you are certain you
want to modify the JAWS keyboard manager, so simply press enter on Yes.
8. Press the PauseBreak once, and you should hear the time. Press the
PauseBreak key twice quickly within half a second of time, and you should
hear the date.
Note: this also works on laptops, though it might be a little harder to find
the PauseBreak key if you don't have sighted help.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties with this process. :) 

Joseph the free tech guy!
All are welcome to write me off list if absolutely any help is needed

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