Re: Jaws 18 issues with Office 2010


Mat, as for getting the formatting info for a cell, pressing insert+f
should get JAWS to spue the info. hth

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Subject: Jaws 18 issues with Office 2010

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Hi All,

i'm working at a company which has recently updated from Jaws 13 to Jaws
18 and we are currently facing an issue with the new Software.

1)Once you insert a table in word and try to undo the step with
crtl+y(crtl+z in our case) it is not being removed, but highlighted
instead. You have to hit the shortcut several times until it finally
gets removed. This issue is not present working with Jaws 13. Can anyone
confirm this behavior or maybe advise if there is a workaround available
or anything else we could try.

2)How do i get Jaws to read the current formatting of an excel cell? I'm
not a Jaws expert yet and i think i'm doing something wrong. Cannot get
it working with Jaws 13 either.



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