Unicode Characters and BrailleIn

Dr. Aleksander Pavkovic <a.pavkovic@...>

Hi there,


a few weeks ago I have asked about the possibility to enter Unicode characters using the BrailleIn feature, e.g. on an ElBraille.

In a slightly different context I came across a hint on how to enter special characters in Microsoft Word when there is non um pad available. Just entert he hex value oft he character followed by ALT+C (in WordPad: ALT+X).

This means that, if you know the hexadecimal value of for example a letter with umlaut or an accent, just enter it on your Braille keyboard, then press dots 6,8 chord (the Alt portion oft he keystroke) followed by c (dots 1,4).


This will help me a lot in using the ElBraille typing in various languages.


Best regards,



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