Re: Open Library: Will Protected DAISY Files From There Work With PAC Mate Omni?

Soronel Haetir

I don't know about PacMate but the BookPort+ ships with an NLS key
already loaded. I would suggest you simply try loading the book files
on to the device and see if it works.

On 7/3/17, Kane Brolin <kbrolin65@...> wrote:
On 7/1/17, Kelly Pierce <kellytalk@...> wrote:
This issue is fully documented on the Open Library website for others
who are interested. Open Library partners with NLS. As such, devices
that support speech synthesis or Braille output and can accept an NLS
authorization key work with Open Library.
Yes, Kelly. I read the same thing. My issue has been that, when I
navigated to Account Settings within my NLS BARD account and attempted
to find a user key to load onto my PAC Mate Omni, I couldn't find one.
The only devices this online source points to, are ones marketed by
HIMS, HumanWare, or PLEXTALK. Thinking I would attempt a Learning
Ally/RFB&D user key, I found that the UAK which used to work with the
PAC Mate seems to have been removed from the Learning Ally Website and
is therefore deemed to be out of date.

Hence, my next step was writing to the primary JAWS list and to the
PM list, which might still have a few active users. I purchased my PM
Omni on the aftermarket from an individual who lives overseas and who
is not a U.S. citizen. So obviously that PAC Mate was not in the
beginning registered with NLS, if that even used to be possible.

I have written to the NLS BARD community about the specific problem I
am attempting to solve here and might even get hold of someone at the
Open Library project itself. I will note on this list any solution I
arrive at, in case anyone besides me is interested in the same

Thank you.


Soronel Haetir

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