Re: Losing Focus in Microsoft Outlook 2010 using JAWS 13



I use Outlook 2007 and do not have any problems with losing focus. I do
notice on occasion that after reading and closing a message, JAWS appears to
quit for 15 to 30 seconds before it wakes up again. Only happens after
reading one of the first messages in any given session. Very strange
behavior, but not a focus issue. Almost like JAWS needs to take a deep
breath before continuing. I've seen this same behavior with PDF files in
Adobe Acrobat 9.

JAWS 13.0.527 and Windows 7 32-bit.

I suggest you find a way to replicate the behavior and let FS know how to
replicate it themselves.

Dave Carlson
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When opening Microsoft Outlook 2010, I am losing focus with JAWS 13. Is
anyone else having this issue? Does someone know what I can do to resolve
the issue?

Thank You,


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