Re: Open Library: Will Protected DAISY Files From There Work With PAC Mate Omni?

Kelly Pierce


This issue is fully documented on the Open Library website for others
who are interested. Open Library partners with NLS. As such, devices
that support speech synthesis or Braille output and can accept an NLS
authorization key work with Open Library. If an NLS key is on your
device, the book should be able to be accessed. The downside of Open
Library books is the lack of quality control. Several books had so
many scanning errors that I needed to obtain the print books and scan
them myself.


On 6/29/17, Kane Brolin <> wrote:
Hello. This message is going out to a couple of FS lists and to one
senior technologist, since I don't know who will be able to reach out
effectively first.

Just yesterday, someone on the Bookshare General Discussion List
turned me onto a tremendous-looking source for digitized books called
Open Library. I quickly found that two titles I've been looking for
are available for immediate, free download on Open Library (in DAISY
format) which were not available in any e-book form from NLS BARD,
Learning Ally, Bookshare, or even commercial sites such as the Kindle
Store. I am blown away by the wealth of what is out there on this

Here's the problem: These are protected DAISY archives, requiring what
it calls a UAK (User Access Key) from Library of Congress. Now, it
just so happens that I was able successfully to load these titles onto
an old Book Sense XT that I've got which does happen to contain an
appropriate UAK needed for decrypting the files. But my Book Sense is
most likely on its last legs, being eight years old. The files will
not play on my NLS BARD Talking Book player, because it says I don't
have access permissions, even though it will do just fine with
unlocking archives downloaded from the NLS BARD site itself.

At any rate, I'd really like to be able to read these in Braille using
my PAC Mate Omni BX440. But I can't seem to find a valid UAK to load
onto the PAC Mate that will make this kind of DAISY archive openable.

I thought that perhaps loading a UAK from Learning Ally would do--that
is, the same key I would need to play DAISY-formatted Learning Ally
titles on that same PAC Mate. But when I tried to install the UAK,
the Learning Ally site came back with the error message that this key
is no longer valid.

Any solution for this? Or am I essentially out of luck insofar as
prepping any device other than my Book Sense XT for Open Library DAISY


Kind regards,

Kane Brolin

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