Re: Big problem with JAWS and Excel.


Just joined this group and first post so please be gentle ... :D

I too have this issue with latest update of Jaws 18, Windows 10 and Excel 2016.
Some spreadsheets work fine, others do not - does not seem to relate to the size of the sheet or its complexity, in fact I can't find any correlation between the sheet and this abnormal behaviour.

The problem often starts with very, very slow (>10 seconds) response to any keystrokes in Excel to, for example, use the arrows to move to the next cell.
It can then get progressively worse with no apparent speech at all - leaving me in total ignorance of what is going on; sometimes I am able to ctrl-alt-del to the task manager and use this to close the Excel process but on a couple of occasions Jaws itself seems to have stopped and I have to restart.
I note the comment from one reply about non-local files; mine are all local but I do have them in my OneDrive folder and the office upload centre seems also to be doing some magic with them and wonder if this has anything to do with it.

I also note that no solution has yet been posted; I really do need a fix for this as I use Excel a great deal for my personal information and this is really starting to have a detrimental effect.


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