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Van Lant, Robin

Another trick you might try that I have used in Outlook 2010 is to go to the File menu and select Save all attachments.  I’ve done this when attachments are embedded and it seems to work. You might get an extra image file or something you did not want, but at least it helps you find the good stuff, too.





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Subject: Re: Opening Outlook attachments


Hi Ted!  You are correct.  It is very hard to find when attachments are embedded in an email.  I normally have to use the JAWS or touch cursor to find them.  If you encounter an email like this, the Insert plus A key stroke will not work. 



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Subject: Re: Opening Outlook attachments


I’ll try to remember that.  Also, and I don’t  understand all I know about this, there are two ways of handling attachments.  One has them in plain sight, while the other virtually embeds them, and you have to really treasure hunt for them.




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Subject: Re: Opening Outlook attachments


Hi Danny!  Have you tried pressing Insert plus A.  this should place you in a list of attachments.  From there, you can use your arrow keys to find the attachments.  Good luck!



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Subject: Opening Outlook attachments


Using JAWS 18 and Outlook 2013.  When I tab over to see attachments, can rarely gat JAWS to read me the titles, might read the first one or two, but not those remaining.  How can I get a display of the attachments?

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