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Steve Nutt

Far from it, I code with Wordpress all the time and I am totally blind. See for an example of a commercial web site that I
built myself. Also see http://www.thebrownsplace.inf o and for two of my clients.

The only thing difficult for a total, is to trim and crop pictures to the
right size and shape for the web site. I have a support worker to do that
for me though, and we can also offer that service.

If interested, please don't hesitate to contact me off list. We can't help
you for free, but we can do all this for you, including building your web

All the best


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From what I've been told by a sighted person, word press is not accessible
yet by screen readers. There was a post on how to make it accessible. But,
the poster neglected to mentioned that you need sight to set it up

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1. In most themes you have to modify the theme files it will probably be
certain files you need to modify though. I don't know how to do this since i
lack experience with any type of coding except html. Also check out the
themes wordpress has to offer. Some of them will let you customize the text
once installed.2. Categories are what you would clasify the blog articles
you write under eg. Lawsuits, technology, rants etc. 3. I know there's a way
to code them in, but i don't know how. There is also a widgit that will let
you customize menus from your categories. Google and the wordpress forums
should be able to provide you with more information.

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On Jun 17, 2017, at 1:26 PM, Shankar C <> wrote:

Hello all, good morning.
This is Shankar from india.
I have a cupple of questions on wordpress.
I hope some 1 will help me to find the answers.

1. How can I remove the footer text powered by wordpress.
2. What is the turm categories in wordpress.
3. How can I add home, about us, and contact us page on menus

I am using badeyes theam on my website.

The website is


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skype: shankar.a
thanks and regards

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