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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

And you’re not the only IT pro to express that sentiment to me.  I may have to quit procrastinating before long and find another ISP, and the Microsoft combo will probably be my weapon of choice.




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A second for Mike B's request!!

Prior to Windows 8, Microsoft Security Essentials was the Microsoft built-in antivirus and Windows Defender was the built-in antimalware.

With the advent of Windows 8 and continuing afterward these two functions were combined into Windows Defender (and Microsoft Security Essentials disappeared).

When it comes to accessible antivirus and/or antimalware, and depending on the era of Windows, you're not going to beat Microsoft Security Essentials coupled with Windows Defender for Windows 7 and earlier or just "the new" Windows Defender for Windows 8 and later.   You will get all kinds of contentious argument that these "aren't adequate" but I have yet to see them be inadequate for anyone who exercises even the least bit of conscientiousness when interacting with the web.

There are no doubt better products depending on what your particular definition of "better" happens to be.  I have yet to hear of any of these having the ease of accessibility of the built-in Microsoft solutions.
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