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Hey Shannon. I don't know if this works or not, but I found it in the JAWS help topics.


Good luck,

Lou N.

Assigning Custom Highlight Colors

To assign Custom Highlight Colors, you first need to identify text with the colors you wish to use. This might be text that is already present on the screen, but is difficult to access with other JAWS features. If text of the colors you wish to use is not already present on the screen, you may need to set the text color in the application. This is not an option in all applications, but should be possible in most word processing programs. Verify text color with the SayColor keystroke, INSERT+5.

Once text with the desired colors is identified, move the focus of the active cursor to this text. Press INSERT+F2 to bring up the Run JAWS Manager dialog, and select Custom Highlight Assign from the list. CTRL+INSERT+H also opens Custom Highlight Assign.

This brings up the Choose an Option dialog. This dialog lists the following options:

  • Set Foreground and Background
  • Set Foreground Only
  • Set Background Only

Select the desired option and press ENTER. This brings up the Add Custom Highlight dialog to confirm you want the selected colors assigned as a Custom Highlight. Use the TAB key to move to the Do Not Show This Dialog Again checkbox and press SPACEBAR to bypass this dialog in the future. Press ENTER for OK, and this brings up the Custom Highlight Options dialog.

Use the Custom Highlight Options Dialog to view the Custom Highlights currently assigned within an application, delete Custom Highlights you are no longer using, and specify if JAWS recognizes only Windows highlights, only Custom Highlights, or both. The default is for JAWS to recognize both Windows highlights and Custom Highlights. Press ENTER to accept the default settings, and return to the active application. Text matching the options you selected are then treated as highlighted within the application.

See also:

Custom Highlight Options Dialog







From: [] On Behalf Of Shannon
Sent: Friday, June 23, 2017 9:03 AM
Subject: Getting Jaws to recognize highlight bars


Hi all,


I have royally messed up. I was using WE in my accounting program and couldn’t get Jaws to see the highlight bar in the menus of the program. I know that the colors of the program can be changed so I played around trying to get JAWS to see the color as I arrow up and down but when I did that I broke WE and now it won’t read it anymore.

As far as the mouse in JAWS it refuses to say anything but blank and insists that the color if It will even try is black on black. This I know is not true. I can’t get JAWS to find text that I know is on the screen and that It will read out with insert B.

If I can’t get the mouse to report anything but blank and black on black how do I set the highlight color so it will read the highlight bar of the menu?

The touch curser is useless in this case. It will not find the menu at all.


Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


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