Re: How accessible is Word Press for creating websites with JAWS?

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Hi. There are also plenty of shortcut keys to use for WordPress and some of them are not dissimilar to MS word, the headings for example. Control+1 - 6 if my memory serves me correctly though it could be control+shift. I can send a link here to a list of them if anyone is interested.



On 23/06/2017 06:18, David & his pack of dogs wrote:
Where would one find the visual editor?

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WordPress is pretty accessible out of the box. One thing I would recommend
is to turn off the visual editor because that will mess with screen readers.
David I would bet that that was one of the things that was messing with
jaws. You need to uncheck the box that says visual editor.
Also some themes can mess with screen readers as well.
To answer the other persons question, no you don't need to know HTML or any
other type of coding as word press covers the basics but if you want to get
more in depth it wouldn't hurt to know son. By in-depth I mean making your
website look nicer. Like say you wanted to make a list with headings at the
top and then a list of items below that. You might need to know some HTML in
order to do that.
I learned the word press on the fly back into thousand nine, but I'm sure if
you Google there will be some beginner tutorials out there somewhere. You
might also check on bard if you have that because I've seen they posted some
books on WordPress from time to time. They should at least have one or two
that can help a blind individual with who is just beginning withWordPress.
Some of the books might be slightly out of date, but they should have some
useful information.

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On Jun 22, 2017, at 12:55 PM, James Homuth <james@...> wrote:

I'm not Steve, but as with everything, knowing HTML5, or PHP, or
things like that will make things easier. WordPress can cover the
basics well enough, and there are plugins for just about everything,
but if you want to get fancy with web design, you're gonna need to get
your hands dirty.
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So steve, tell me, do you need to know html 5 or any of that well to
build a site with wordpress? Or are they doing it in a easyer way?

On 22/06/2017, Steve Nutt <steve@...> wrote:
Hi David,

I built my own web site at using Wordpress.

I also offer Wordpress training for those interested, and I am
totally blind.

And yes, I have used JAWS and Window-Eyes and NVDA for web development.

All the best


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I'm curious to know the answer too. A sighted person, computer tech,
told me when we were working on my website last Thursday, "David
WordPress is not that accessible for working on a website. Posting,
yes. But building a website, No. She is learning a lot working with
a screen reader. She was the one who said what is on the screen for
the sighted is not always what your screen reader is reading out to
you. Last week, she had to turn off JAWS because as it was reading
out the screen, the curser was moving along like the proverbial ball.
She was not able to take over even though we were using Team viewer,
screen sharing.

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Search Google for Wordpress for bad eyes. It's a book from the
blindness perspective. It costs about $10 but you won't regret paying.

Negoslav Sabev

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Is Word Press accessible with JAWS for creating websites? Where is a
good place to start for a beginning blind webmaster? Are there any
tips and tricks?



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