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David & his pack of dogs

I too, have migrated but, still have WE on my computer. Just don't have it start up automatically like it used too. JAWS are now my primary screen reader. I just have the other 2, NVDA and Window Eyes as back up. All 3 have the latest updates even though Window Eyes will have no more updates. Before installing it on a desktop I made sure it was updated to the latest version 9.5 or something.

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I was migrated from Window-eyes which I purchased before the existence of NVDA and had kept updated for the most part. I was at the latest Window-eyes release 9.5.4 so was migrated over to Jaws for nothing out-of-pocket.

On 6/22/2017 6:02 AM, bob jutzi wrote:
I was migrated from Window-eyes.

On 6/22/2017 1:53 AM, David & his pack of dogs wrote:
The male part of my brain is kicking in here. If you used NVDA for
the last 2 years, why would you get JAWS 18? $275, is cheap unless
you paid nothing. Personally, I have used JAWS for the same period of
time as you have and am quite happy with the help Sieghard and others
have given me. But, to each his own, I suppose.

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The subject says it all.

After using Jaws since mid. May, I decided to part with my Jaws 18
and stick with NVDA which has been my steady screen reader for the
past two years. Along with my preferring the UI of NVDA and the fact
that it supports everything I use extremely well, both my wife and I
are unemployed so I can't warrant spending money on screen access for
the foreseeable future.

$275 and I will cover the $75 transfer fee. I do take Paypal, <>.

I will Email serial and authorization numbers upon transfer of license.

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