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Can you try ILM authorization to see if the problem is with the dongle? Since so many things can go wrong, and frequently don't seem related to each other, I have sometimes found that reformating solves problems that I couldn't figure out.

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Subject: Re: Dongle:Jaws license converting to home edition from professionaledition repeatedly.

Ya, that alternative I have kept on my system.
Any way to know the cause and solve the problem?
When all other programs are working fine, and antivirus (aveera) doesn't detect Jaws as virus, then will formatting the system do anything good except wasting my time?
And, is there any way I can generate log of this dongle problem and send it to FS and see if they can do something about it?
Amar Jain.
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I don't have a permanent solution, but perhaps until your exams are over,
you could use a previous version of jaws.
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Subject: Dongle:Jaws license converting to home edition from
professionaledition repeatedly.

I am using Jaws 13’s latest built with dongle for my authorization on windows 7 64 Bit Pro.
After release of Jaws 13, for many days things were good. However, thereafter suddenly the activation manager started coming when Jaws was started.
I did clean uninstall and reinstall of Jaws, removed the sentinal system driver and super pro / ultra pro from device manager, reinstalled freedomscientific products including open book, but nothing worked.
When issue was brought to the notice of freedomscientific technical support, we came to know that my Jaws is getting converted to home edition instead of professional edition again and again. After conversations with support team, I was given an authorization file (.dath) to update my dongle again. For few days it worked well, but again the problem persisted.
Despite letting the support know this fact, the only solution which is given to me so far is to use the update file whenever any such issue occurs.
And to sum it up we haven’t able to crack the problem.
My problem is that I have my law semester exams from 22nd November, and I can’t take any risk. As I am the first student of Mumbai University who has been allowed to use computer for his exams, I have to produce the results to the best of my capacity in order to insure that such facility can be extended to all blind students of our university and in other universities of the country.
And since I have the dongle, so if it fails during exams, I would even not be able to use it on an alternative system. My dealer however has come to a conclusion that it is my system problem, so the last option is to format my system. However my system is completely clean, no problems whatsoever with any other program exists so far. What my dealer’s reasoning is that since it is only happening with you, that is why FS has not worked on it in order to get it fixed for every version. He has assured me to look into my problem though.
Contrary to this, FS has been mentioning in the enhancements about authorization and upgrade problems.
I shall be highly obliged if one can provide me any solution of this problem at the earliest possible.
Amar Jain.
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