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brian albriton

Hi, Richard.
I use control-shift-f to bring up the advanced find.
I'm still playing with f3 and will try control-e.
So here's an example.
I'd press control shift-f and the initial choice is a edit combo wher you
can type in a string you might find in the subject.
So I would type in sticky keys
Press enter and after a few secondsthe program would stop searching.
At that point I would press f6 to get quickly to the results.
I would then select all the messages either delete or perhaps move them
All the best, Brian


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Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 4:49 PM
Subject: Re: 2016 and advanced find

I'm not having issues with the find.
I just tried f3, which I had not used before and it found messages rather
I previously used control+e.

It doesn't identify itself as advanced find. Is there more steps to what
you are doing?


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Hello there;
I also find the advance search doesn't work, I use the f3 key to search type
in criteria,

Shift+tab a few times to the search results.

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Subject: 2016 and advanced find

Since updating to outlook 2016, the advanced find dialog hangs on after I
press the find now button. It hangs on stop and stays there.

It used to simply find what I was looking for, (say something in the subject
line) and I could find the list of messages by pressing the f6 key.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Brian Albriton

iPhone 2136103315

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