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John Farley <john_farley@...>

Hi Bob,


I am in the UK and have a JAWS licence and so will not be buying your licence, sorry about that. However, could you please answer the following?


What applications do you use NVDA for which are also covered by JAWS?

More to the point, what could JAWS do for you that NVDA cannt?




Regards, John


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Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 8:04 PM
Subject: I am selling my Jaws 18


The subject says it all.

After using Jaws since mid. May, I decided to part with my Jaws 18 and stick with NVDA which has been my steady screen reader for the past two years.  Along with my preferring the UI of NVDA and the fact that it supports everything I use extremely well, both my wife and I are unemployed so I can't warrant spending money on screen access for the foreseeable future.


$275 and I will cover the $75 transfer fee.  I do take Paypal, jutzi@....

I will Email serial and authorization numbers upon transfer of license.


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