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Adekoya Rasak

Hello Richard,

Thank you. it work. All I need to do is to turn off virtual ribbon to
enable me use those key strokes.


On 18/06/2017, Richard Turner <richardturner42@...> wrote:
I'll see if I can help.
1. I use control+y then either arrow down to the folder I want or hit the
first letter. So, control+y, then d for drafts or you may find deleted
first, in which case, just hit d again.

2. To create a group, tap alt then h then c then g.
Give the group a name. Then tab to the options for adding members. Once
you have all the members added and it is saved. When you send a message,
put the group name in the to field.

3. Hit Alt+f then t for options. Arrow down to calendar. Tab through
there to find your options. You probably want to set a default alert and
perhaps other things.

Or, you can set an alert for individual appointments if you do not want all
appontments to have an alert.
I don't have the exact steps for that, but if you type set alert in the
help, you will find it.


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I will like to ask for few keyboard command for outlook.
1. How do I move to send and draft item. I know control +shift+I is
for inbox and that of O is for outbox.
2. How do I create a group contact as well as send mail to such group
I created?
3. If I create meeting or task, is there sound that can remind me for that?


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