Re: Libra Office not being read by Jaws 18

Jason White

It is my understanding (which may be wrong) that LibreOffice doesn't use Java
for accessibility support anymore.

At least under Linux, where I've tested it, its accessibility seems to have
been worsening in recent releases.

Brandon Keith Biggs <> wrote:

I installed Libra Office on a Windows 10 and I also installed the JRE. I
opened Libra and Jaws does not read anything. If I close Jaws and start
NVDA, Libra reads just fine. If I open a document in Libra, close NVDA and
open Jaws, I can read the text of Libra, but not the menus.
The accessibility mode in Libra is checked.
Perhaps the Java Access bridge did not configure properly? How can I check
this? Does anyone have any other ideas?
Thank you,

Brandon Keith Biggs <>

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