Re: Open Book & Jaws 18 problem solved

David & his pack of dogs

I have a 60 inch TV that I can run my IPhone or computer through.  For some unknown reason the HDMI connections didn’t work.  What to do?  I just unplugged the TV and then plugged it back in and, poof, everything worked again.  So, sometimes just unplugging a device then plugging it back in fixes the problem. 


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Sent: June 15, 2017 4:54 PM
Subject: Open Book & Jaws 18 problem solved


I did check the connections for the scanner and they were intact but when I unplugged the scanner from the USB hub and plugged it back in it worked …… Yay!  I do wish my being independent was not reliant upon this one device.


Thank you all so very much for your help!





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