visual studio 2017

marvin hunkin <startrekcafe@...>

Hi. using visual studio 2017 community. The installer is a lot more accessible, like a web page, and you can arrow or use the jaws commands to jump to the various controls, and it does tell you the percentage when installing or updating, in vs 2015, nvda would only read the entire window, a lot better accessibility. Well c #, asp dot net, is very accessible, and you have the options in a list box to install missing components. It is more accessible, once you add the info to the config names.ini. and using it, and jaws does not read the project name, so a step backward, not sure why, but when you type in a name or copy and paste a name, then when the browse location, does not speak the dialog. Maybe vs or some one has some scripts that fixes it and it does read the message box, when running visual studio community 2017 for the first time about jaws not able to read wizards inside a project. Overall, it is a lot better then vs 2015 in some aspects. And using it for my it course.


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