Re: landmark regions

Tom Lange

When I use JAWS and Internet Explorer 8, I keep finding these things called
landmark regions. I didn't see this in earlier versions of JAWS. Is this a
JAWS or Internet Explorer thing?
Neither, actually. It's a recent development in web page construction that helps to add additional structure to web pages. Think of a landmark as a reference point on a web page, something akin to the old-style divisions, which weren't widely used but which separated pages into different parts into which a web page developer could put content that was logically-related. To move between landmarks, you can press the semicolon key (;), or colon (shift+semicolon) to move backwards. If you want to see how landmarks work, visit the main Bookshare page at

You'll find a Banner Landmark, under which you'll find a link to the home page and a log-in form. Then you'll see the Main landmark, which has a lot of text about the Bookshare service. You'll then find a Navigation landmark, under which you'll find links to different parts of the web site.

Landmarks can be very useful. Recently I've found that they work well for Yahoo mail, which has been a pain in the tail to navigate, but landmarks helped.

. You can also read about ARIA landmarks at the Surf's Up Internet tutorial, in the training headquarters section of the FS web site.

Hope this helps.

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