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I have not done this yet, but I'm sure they are saying that once you are in the spell check dialog, alt-f7 focuses Jaws on the misspelled word and opens the application menu so you can pick the correction.
I think it was assumed you were already in the spell checker either by using f7 or from the menus.

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Unless I am wrong, this function F7 applies to 2010 outlook and future releases, 2013 and 2016 as well.

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In Outlook for Spell Check, it is just F7.

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Hi Shannon,

Alt + F7 will work in Word, but I've never tried it in Outlook. It jumps to the next misspelt work, highlights is and opens the applications menu for it.


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Subject: jump to Spelling errors in Outlook 2010

Good morning again,

Is there a key combination that will  jump to the spelling errors in word and outlook 2010, so the applications key can be used to correct the misspelling?

The spell checker F7 works but is a little more than I want to hear.



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