Re: questions about jfw voice profiles and app settings

Soronel Haetir

First create the voice profiles you want to use, assign them different
names. (Done under jaws+j Options -> Voices -> voice adjustment

Next, for each program you want to assign a non-default profile with
the program focused hit jaws+ctrl+s then tab to the 'For xxx' list
and select the profile to assign to that program. Hit enter and that
profile will be used for all instances of that program going forward.
Note that this doesn't really work for console programs that change
the title bar, console programs match on the window title rather than
the underlying program file name the way regular applications work.

On 6/14/17, Juan Hernandez <juanhernandez98@...> wrote:
Hi All,

I have a couple questions:


How can I set different voice engines, or voice profiles to applications?

So like outlook I would like to use vocalizer Samantha, but for firefox I
would like vocalizer zoey etc.


Can I add more application entries into the settings center? Or is the
of applications hard set by FS?


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