Re: Problem selecting text from the screen, OCR won't work?


First after you use convenient OCR with the Insert+Spacebar, O, then w...after it says finished and JAWS, have you tried using the JAWS cursor to see if anything was recognized? Sometimes not, depending on the program.
Here's a way-out idea...Using your invisible cursor, read line-by-line down the area of numbers you want to copy. Then without doing much else with reading, press Insert+Spacebar followed by H to get into the JAWS speech history. You can arrow up the list of what JAWS said, and when you reach the first line of numbers, start the highlighting process with spacebar+downarrow, until you have all the numbers of interest selected. Ctrl+C to copy, and Escape out of the JAWS speech history. Paste into your document-processing program of choice.
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From: Shannon
Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2017 09:35
Subject: Problem selecting text from the screen, OCR won't work?

Good morning,

I have a report opened to the display in the accounting program. It opens in another window.

I want to select the text to paste it in word.

I can read the report with the invisible curser but not with the mouse, or pc curser.


I don’t know if or how the invisible curser selects text. I couldn’t get anything to paste into word.

I then thought ok I’ll try OCR but the command for screen only says “ Started, finished, JAWS”

I get the same with trying the window to OCR. There is nothing to read.

What could I be doing wrong?

Does OCR care which curser is active?


Yes, I know I could run this report as a pdf and save it somewhere and then open it in Adobi reader to select the text but I thought just steeling it from the screen would be quicker and less messy.


Any ideas?



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