Problem selecting text from the screen, OCR won't work?


Good morning,

I have a report opened to the display in the accounting program. It opens in another window.

I want to select the text to paste it in word.

I can read the report with the invisible curser but not with the mouse, or pc curser.


I don’t know if or how the invisible curser selects text. I couldn’t get anything to paste into word.

I then thought ok I’ll try OCR but the command for screen only says “ Started, finished, JAWS”

I get the same with trying the window to OCR. There is nothing to read.

What could I be doing wrong?

Does OCR care which curser is active?


Yes, I know I could run this report as a pdf and save it somewhere and then open it in Adobi reader to select the text but I thought just steeling it from the screen would be quicker and less messy.


Any ideas?



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