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My believe is that the $120 was the price if you were running the latest version of Window-Eyes, that is 9.5.4 otherwise there was a slightly higher amount for users who were not on the latest version.

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Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 11:34 AM
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Everybody is saying $120 for the SMA. When I migrated from Window-Eyes to JAWS I had to pay $180. I just have the home edition. Why would this be?

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The only thing, I don't think you can pay $5 a month, I think you have to pay $120.00 in one whack, which is very hard for some people, who might find it easier to pay $5 a month. However, logistically, $5 a month would cost FVO more than $120 every two years - cost in terms of logistics, processing, cost of processing, recording, etc.

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Not sure how that works and if you can even buy single upgrades.
Given that if you have Jaws Home maintaining an SMA costs you all of $5 a month I don't know why you wouldn't simply buy the SMA every two years. It's I think $120 every two years and you get two major versions, so it's $60 per version. Jaws unlike NVDA is not a nonprofit organisation and as a business owner myself I definitely don't begrudge them this relatively minor amount of money. I know some people who don't work and are on some sort of assistance feel this is a heartship, but $5 a month I don't think can be considered a heartship as most of us spend this and more on al sorts of incidental items whether it's a fancy coffee, a beer once a week or cigarettes, in fact somebody who smokes usually wastes a lot more than $5 a month.


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What do most major updates cost without an SMA?

On 6/13/2017 5:49 PM, Chris G wrote:
yes, that is correct.

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From: Don H
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Subject: Jaws updates

Am I understanding it correctly that Jaws gets a update once a month
and a major update once a year?

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