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People will save for going to blindness conventions. Where they might purchase things to take home with them. Or they might give themselves various treats throughout the years. They never complain, they have to purchase food for their dog
guides. They don't demand the government, or dog guide schools pay for their dogs food, or medical care. I don't think. One must have extra money on hand for public transport. Or Uber cars, if necessary. What is the difference between saving five dollars a month for a sma, and all the ancillary expenses particular to either an adult, or a blind adult.----- Original Message -----
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It can be a logistical nightmare, I know. But, I've seen those who have more money than they know what to do with and would drop $100 or more on dinner but, can't find the money for something like this. Or, spend money on junk food and say they have no money. I take no stand. However, my sibling falls into the latter category. The most offensive thing was when we offered to get toiletries for her at Costco because we were going there for our monthly shopping and toiletries are cheaper there. Naturally she would reimburse us. Her comment? "Why should I buy it, I can get ... to give it to me"

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It's not that simple. How is the five dollars a month going to FVO, off a charge card, automatic withdrawal from a bank account (what bank account in some cases? Some get their Social Security or SSI on a credit card),from the mail. Then one has to remember to write a check monthly, address an envelope, put a stamp on it, or is FVO going to send a statement? There are too many logistics for that to work. It makes mathematical sense to put aside five dollars a month toward sending in the SMA, but for people on marginal incomes, there are too many other things that absorb that money, yes, even Star Bucks on occasion, maybe.

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Smoking is an addiction and when you addicted to something nothing will get in the way of that, including Jaws. Smile. Having made that flippant remark, you are right, $5 per month is not much. Just give up one day of Starbucks coffee.

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Not sure how that works and if you can even buy single upgrades.
Given that if you have Jaws Home maintaining an SMA costs you all of $5 a month I don't know why you wouldn't simply buy the SMA every two years. It's I think $120 every two years and you get two major versions, so it's $60 per version. Jaws unlike NVDA is not a nonprofit organisation and as a business owner myself I definitely don't begrudge them this relatively minor amount of money. I know some people who don't work and are on some sort of assistance feel this is a heartship, but $5 a month I don't think can be considered a heartship as most of us spend this and more on al sorts of incidental items whether it's a fancy coffee, a beer once a week or cigarettes, in fact somebody who smokes usually wastes a lot more than $5 a month.


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What do most major updates cost without an SMA?

On 6/13/2017 5:49 PM, Chris G wrote:
yes, that is correct.

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Am I understanding it correctly that Jaws gets a update once a month
and a major update once a year?

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