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Adrian Spratt

Tina and Dave, two points.

First, I suspect from your query, Tina, that in addition to a defrag, your
system might benefit from a disc clean. It's a simple process but it makes a
big difference:

1. go to the start menu with the Windows key.

2. Press p.

3. You will land on Accessories. Press enter.

4. Arrow up to System Tools (typically just once) and press enter.

5. Press d, and you'll probably land on Disc Clean. If not, press d until
you do.

6. Press enter and wait, perhaps several minutes.

7. You'll be presented with a list of items to delete. Check each one
except "Compress Old Files."

8. Tab to Okay and press spacebar, then press spacebar to confirm.

You can also get to disc defragmenter by following steps 1 through 4.
However, this time at step 5, press d until you arrive at "Disc
Defragmenter," and press enter there. Tab through for options. As Dave says,
defragging can take a short time, but sometimes more than an hour.

These two operations are likely to improve performance considerably and
create hard drive space.

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Sure defragging is no problem. Also finding your disk space is easy. Both
are accessed the same way:

1. Windows Explorer (Windows+E)

A. To find the amount of space, use the JAWS cursor Arrow down and you will
hear information about the hard drive, the amount of space used and the
amount of space still available.
PC cursor when you're done.

2. Windows Explorer (Windows+E)
Arrow to your C: drive and press Alt+Enter B. Defrag.
Ctrl+Tab to the next pane
Then tab to the defrag button and press Enter Tab to the Analyze button and
wait until it's done.
If defrag is recommended you can read this by searching with the JAWS
If recommended, then tab to the start button and press Enter.
Go have some coffee or tea, read a book, etc. It could take several hours or
several minutes, depending on how much defragging is necessary.
When its done you will see a dialog with a report button and a Close button.

Dave Carlson
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Wow, there's more to this than I would have thought. Here I was
thinking that it would be an easy way to free up space/declutter,
since my computer keeps telling me that it's low on disc space. Where
can I find the information about how big the hard disc is and how much
of the space is free? As it happens, I jumped from 5 to 11 and am
hoping to upgrade to 13 as soon as I get a chance to sit down and do
it. Unfortunately, I tend to get into more trouble than I can get
myself out of when I get too adventurous, so perhaps I'd better leave
well enough alone on this one, then, and find some other programs and
files that can go. I'm glad I asked!!! Btw, is defragging a screen
reader friendly process? Other people have done it for me, but I'm
wondering if I can do it myself.


On 11/17/11, ptusing <> wrote:
I appreciated Rick's and your comments on using forms and older JAWS
versions and your comments follow my post.

I agree. But how can one use older versions (prior to version 10) with
Windows Seven?

Many thanks.

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Yes, JAWS 9 also enables me to complete forms that I can't access with
versions. Presumably, it's a result of that JAWS 10 video chain change,
whatever that entailed. Users might find it worth the minor annoyance of
retaining a pre-10 version of JAWS for this reason.

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I often switch between Jaws 12 and 7. Jaws 7 can fill out forms that
be filled by any other version, or at least I don't know how to do it. I
have short cut keys so it isn't difficult.There doesn't seem to be a
problem. I also have versions 10 and 11.


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