Re: Word 2016 and JAWS 18

Ann Byrne

f6 should take you to the status bar so you can add the things you want. It maybe requires the applications menu to apply the settings.

At 06:56 PM 6/9/2017, you wrote:
I'll have to see if I get your same experience when I upgrade to office 2016 here at home.
Jaws gives me page number and the word count and some other information.

From: [] On Behalf Of Richard Turner
Sent: Friday, June 09, 2017 7:54 AM
Subject: Word 2016 and JAWS 18

At work, I have Jaws 18 and Word 2013 and insert+PageDown tells me the status bar info like page number, line number, etc.
At home using Word 2016, Jaws 18 Home Use, insert+PageDown gives me the word count.
Where on Earth would I go to make it tell me the page number at least?
I just went through the Word Verbosity settings with insert+v and didn't find anything useful.

Thanks for any help,

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