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I appreciated Rick's and your comments on using forms and older JAWS versions and your comments follow my post.

I agree. But how can one use older versions (prior to version 10) with Windows Seven?

Many thanks.

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Yes, JAWS 9 also enables me to complete forms that I can't access with later
versions. Presumably, it's a result of that JAWS 10 video chain change,
whatever that entailed. Users might find it worth the minor annoyance of
retaining a pre-10 version of JAWS for this reason.

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I often switch between Jaws 12 and 7. Jaws 7 can fill out forms that can't
be filled by any other version, or at least I don't know how to do it. I
have short cut keys so it isn't difficult.There doesn't seem to be a
problem. I also have versions 10 and 11.


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