Re: JAWS says command keys, and other nonsense


Jessica, press insert+j to gain focus to the JAWS window. now press the
alt key to get the menubar. the option menu should be announced, if so
press enter or down arrow to open it. the first option should be
basics... press enter to open it. the first setting should be Tutor
Messages. press the down or up arrow key to choose Turn off Menu and
Control Help radio button checked, and press enter to save and close the
basics dialog.
vwa la.

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From: Jessica D []
Sent: Thursday, Jun 8, 2017 3:14 PM EST
Subject: JAWS says command keys, and other nonsense

I’m using JAWS 18, with Windows 10, 1607.

I’m getting a lot of extraneous info from JAWS.
When I go to my desktop, for example, I hear, “Windows D desktop.”

Can I stop JAWS from saying this extra stuff?

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